Certification and Honours

ISO 9001 accredited in 1996 (ISO 9001 is ISO 9002 plus design and development)
ISO 9001 re-audited in 2001 and 2002

GMP Pharmaceutical packing registration in 2000 with 100k degree certificate

ISO 14001 in August 2002 (ISO 14001 includes environmental issues and recycling)

OH SAS 18001 awarded in October 2004 Occupational Health & Safety Assessment System

ISO 1991:2000 awarded in November 2008 Quality Management System certificates 1 and 2

P&G Supplier Excellence Award 2008 & 2009

Japan Packaging Institute Design Award for Kose Visée compact

Silver Starpack Award for Belvada Noir mascara

SA8000 certificate

L’Oreal Quality Excellence Award 2010

Luxe Pack Formes De Luxe Award 2010 for Clarins Rouge Prodige

Luxe Pack Formes De Luxe Award 2012 for Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation