Green Initiative

HCP continue their good work by reducing carbon footprint through environmental programmes. Instead of using non-renewable energy sources to produce heat, HCP has developed a closed loop system where it utilises pneumatic air pressure to heat water for use in staff accommodation. In order to support manufacturing processes, a series of pneumatic air compressors runs 24 hours a day and are cooled by cold water. During this process, the water used to cool the compressor becomes hot and can be redirected to be stored in tanks.

Once the water reaches the required temperature, it is then transferred to its end destination providing steaming, hot water for the dormitory bathrooms and shower facilities. Once surplus water has cooled it is once again recycled. This installation has greatly reduced HCP’s carbon emissions across all three of its factories.

In addition, HCP have been installing other clean energy concepts, such as solar panels and wind turbines that have been built in the grounds of the factories. These are used to generate electricity to power lighting along the driveways.