HCP Gelology Finishing

Time to get creative.

Gel Tops are a new and exciting way for customers to decorate HCP’s stock Radii Round and Square component ranges.

As well as being aesthetically premium, HCP’s Gel Tops are also remarkably strong and robust. The Gel Tops are created by pouring liquid product in pre-defined doses and then curing at an elevated temperature to create a very hard and tough surface. The appearance and effect of the Gel top can be enhanced by adding colour to the liquid and combining the 3-D appearance by screen printing a logo or graphics onto the surface of the compact, or adding a card or label insert underneath the gel surface.

Application and appearance ideas are almost endless for this new technology. For samples of HCP’s stock products featuring Gel Top technology or to see how this new concept can add value to your product range, please contact your regional HCP sales office.