MARCH 2013 - Magnum – HCP’s new Aluminium Range

In order to facilitate HCP’s fresh focus on innovation, a key change will be to adapt an existing production site in China to concentrate on aluminium components. This new operation will also include a large number of transfer pressing, impact extrusion and automatic anodizing capabilities. “Aluminium was previously a material not fully integrated in our production program. We saw a real need in the market and as a packaging manufacturer, it was a necessity to offer an integrated solution,” says Eddy Wu, HCP’s CEO.

In strengthening the focus on ideas, HCP has now established an ‘Innovation Council’ In which key executives of the company will regularly convene to discuss concepts; embracing new designs as well as new product functionality and the best route to execute them.

HCP also believe that it is important to realise customers’ driven new product design development as effectively as they can. To support this, HCP’s New Business Development team have reinforced the areas of; internal sales, design & drawing and project management. Responsiveness and quality in executing customers’ driven new product design development will be fundamental.