OCTOBER 2013 - Jeff Chen retires from HCP

Jeff Chen, who remains a Board Director of HCP, has announced his retirement from the HCP management, bringing the curtain down on an extremely successful 27 year career. The positive attitude and strong work ethic that Mr. Chen brought with him when he emigrated to China from Taiwan served him well, as the prodigious growth of HCP has since testified.

The most important thing Mr. Chen learned from building the business is; “One must always be open and honest with each other - not just within the company but to society in general, and also loyalty to the customer is integral.”

He goes on to state; “The vital step HCP made through the acquisition by TPG last year has made such an impressive difference. In such a short period, HCP is experiencing dramatic capability growth and modernisation. I am happy in the knowledge that HCP’s future is in safe hands.”

Plans for Mr. Chen’s future include charity work in terms of making education more accessible, improving poverty and supporting the handicapped. One of the charities involves building orphanges around China. The other is called ‘Midway Homes’, which provides facilities for children in the remote mountain regions of Taiwan.