JUNE 2014 - Fourth Factory opens in China

A grand opening ceremony for a fourth HCP China plant (Suzhou No.2) was held in Luzhi County, Suzhou, China on May 7th. Mr. Steve Schneider, the Chairman of HCP Board, along with other guests from TPG including; Tim Dinwiddie, Alex Yang and Jiajun Huang, plus the senior management team led by Eddy Wu, CEO of HCP, attended this important event. Mr. Schneider made a warm speech to the audience stating that he was excited to see that after a five-month fast track construction, Suzhou’s new plant has finally taken shape.

Inspired by state-of-art design and lean layout, Mr. Schneider said the results justified the decision of the board last year to expand capacity and invest in a new facility in Suzhou. He also firmly believed that with the new platform offered by Suzhou No.2, HCP can better serve the customers in aspects such as delivery, quality and quick-response times.

Finally, he emphasised that ‘growth’ and ‘technology’ will be the key competitive edges for HCP’s future and the whole management will continue to support these initiatives.