HCP Receives
Design Award

The Japan Packaging lnstitute has awarded HCP
and Kose a design award for the gorgeous Visée compact.
The Japan Packaging Contest is held every year under the sponsorship of the Japan Packaging lnstitute with the aim of promoting development and spread of high-quality packages and packaging techniques over the country.

HCP worked with Kose to create the gorgeous Visée compact. The design of the compact enables the make-up brand to catch the eye of young fashion conscious individuals. The shape of the Visée compact is slim and rectangular with a faceted top and rocker button opening system. The base of the pack is made from PMMA, designed with a recess inside to hold 4 eyeshadows and a mini brush. The lid of the compact is metallised in shiny silver with pyramid shaped angles. Once metallised these angles reflect the light, giving a stunning effect.

Kose felt the pyramids add an element of the current trend in Japan, ‘punk fashion’, expressing an edgy and stylish feel to the compact. HCP are extremely proud to have been awarded this achievement by the Japan Packaging lnstitute.

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Demonstrating the flexibility of the Radii line, HCP introduces... Vegas. The latest stunning edition to our extensive Radii range.

This stunning design using the Radii compact allows such versatility. HCP have metallised the compact in red, including the top plate, which empowers the light reflecting design concept.

This top plate can be applied across our full Radii range which includes the large pressed powder compact or 9 well kit, medium blush compact, mini eyeshadow compact and the Radii lipstick.
HCP celebrates the opening of their fourth factory - Huai’an
On Friday 7th November HCP senior management participated in a lunch event with local Chinese dignitaries, in order to celebrate the successful development of the first phase of their new Huai’ an factory.

The opening was captured on the Chinese news channel that evening, featuring an interview with Mr Jeff Chen, CEO HCP Group and Mr Steve Levine, President HCP USA Inc. HCP are now running 36 new injection molding machines and have 200 employees, who have been trained in their Suzhou plant and now working in Huai’ an, who are in the process of preparing for full qualification of the plant.

50 new employees have been recruited from the local area who will join for training during November.
HCP receives Excellence Award from Proctor and Gamble
HCP Packaging, USA, was awarded the Supplier Excellence Award by Procter & Gamble Beauty’s Hunt Valley, Maryland Facility. The award was presented at the Hunt Valley Supplier Day Conference, 2008.

Donna Nawalkowsky Section Head of MSM/TDO presented the award to HCP, in keeping with P&G‘s business strategy of continuous improvement in three key areas; cost control, quality excellence and service performance. The recognition reflected HCP’s dedication with the partnered corporate account and its’ ability to surpass expectations in these important endeavors. Accepting the award were Steve Levine, President, HCP Packaging USA, Inc. and Gary Fagan, Vice President, Corporate Account Sales. Levine commented, “We are thrilled to be recognized by the Hunt Valley Facility. This award affirms our efforts toward building a true partnership with P&G Beauty.”

Pictured: Phil Sheehey, Global Cosmetics Supply Chain Executive Director, Steve Levine and Gary Fagan.
Paper Lipsticks
HCP launch a new paper lipstick design with a plastic ring. This allows the cap to be applied without causing any damage to the edges of the cap or base. This lipstick has a cup size of 12mm and a silver anodised a-shell. The decoration possibilities for the paper lipstick are extremely extensive, including 4 or 6 colour process printing, hot stamping and silkscreen printing. It’s a perfect way to get your companies latest branding and designs across.
NEW Meridian Metallic Design
HCP has designed a new Meridian pot with a domed lid, finished with a special metallic effect on the dome. This makes the pot glow with an array of metallic colours. This is a perfect design for a promotional or limited edition pot. Or why not use as a stock item to bring an extra special quality to your brand?
Black Illumination
Get the look as bright lights inspire glamour to celebrate every colour of the rainbow and beauty is no exception. A colourful mix of bold neon flashes encapsulates the exaggerated theme in beauty. Theatrical, dark intense stains give you the definition of the “partied all night look”. Catwalk inspirations show a powerful, sensual attitude as vibrant fluorescent colours flow across dark backgrounds into unusual shapes. High gloss textures on unique, stylish compacts, which are desired by the sexy individual, inspire this trend.
As we enter into the final weeks before Christmas we find ourselves in the middle of this Credit crunch crisis.

The cosmetics industry is renowned for demonstrating its resistance to these downturns of the economic crisis. This is where the “lipstick Index”, also referred to as the “Leading Lipstick Indicator”, theory stemmed from. It is a theory based on the fact that Lipstick sales will rise in direct relation to the free falling finances. As our economy starts to crumble…. the “Lipstick Index” starts to jump! It has been observed by many leading brands that there is some correlation between the facts that when there are tough economic times the sales of lipsticks boom. So what is the reason for this? There are always going to be certain commodities that women will want when they are not allowed to want too much. The cosmetics industry is classed as an affordable way to treat yourself to a Luxury branded item.

However not all figures are proving to be this optimistic, there are some big players in the industry who have already announced a drop in their forecast figures for the next year. It is expected that 2009 is going to be a battle for the survival of the fittest in the beauty industry, as consumers will start to stick with the brands that they trust.

In terms of sales for the rest of the world, it is going to be down to the innovators and the technologists along with the clever marketing brains of the industry to not only create amazing new products, but to keep the consumer curious. It only takes a little curiosity to tempt customers back into spending money on their cosmetics.

In conclusion that fact still remains that although it is possible that the cosmetic industry could see a slight slowdown, it won’t be for long. If 2009 is going to be the long year the financial bosses say, women are going to want to treat themselves to something gorgeous, without feeling guilty.

The facts still remain that women are never truly going to be prepared to ditch their make-up and brave the world barefaced. It may mean that they will choose carefully their own “hero” products rather than buying on an impulsive whim. So the “Lipstick index”, although a theory to the industry, remains in the hands of our valued customers to become a truth.
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