Launch of HCP's rotating mascara by Kosé in Japan
KOSÉ have launched their new 'Electroll Mascara', the first rotating mascara to launch in the Japanese market. The development was lead by HCP's Jordan Chen, working closely with the Kosé development team.

The Kosé 'Electroll Mascara' launched on December 8th and is sold through Beauty Vision, the TV mail order shopping channel and ITOYOKADO super markets in Japan. It is also available online at 7netshopping.jp

HCP developed the technology for the rotating brush, which can turn in two directions – clockwise and anti clockwise, powered by a replaceable battery in the cap. The direction of rotation is controlled by a two way switch on the side of the cap. The closure system has a built in safety lock, which automatically switches off the rotational movement, when the pack is closed.

The pack was manufactured at HCP's Shanghai plant and is finished in a beautiful bright fuchsia pink metallisation on the PP bottle and end cap. A contrasting black, matt, silk screen decoration is applied as a deep band, to the bottle base, to reveal the brand and product name graphics reversed out, in pink.

The twisted fibre brush, coupled with the rotational movement, provides superior mascara coating and curling of lashes and represents the high innovative quality of product developed by HCP's Mascara Centre of Excellence.
Formes De Luxe Award for Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipstick and HCP Packaging
A highlight of the Luxepack fair was the Formes de Luxe Award Ceremony, held at the Monte Carlo Beach hotel, on Wednesday, the 24th of October, 2010. Presented by Formes de Luxe magazine – the bilingual publication devoted to luxury packaging and issued six times a year – this ninth annual edition was attended by 450 guests. During this soirée, a total of fourteen awards were offered: one each in twelve different categories, along with a "jury prize" and a special "coup de coeur" award. Categories included packaging for glassware, wines and spirits , perfumes, promotional materials, fine foods, make up and innovatation.

HCP and Clarins were proud to receive the Formes De Luxe award for the Clarins Rouge Prodige lipstick.

The prestigious award was presented by French Designer Alnoor to Mr Jeff Chen, CEO of HCP Packaging Group, Arnaud Audebourg, Directeur Commercial, HCP France, Mr Cedric Lemaitre, Development Clarins and Mrs Capucine Deborne-Arfeuillère, Senior Make-Up Marketing Manager of Clarins.

Clarins entrusted the original design of Rouge Prodige to the goldsmith, Jean Grisoni and it reflects the degree of luxury Clarins desired. In accordance with the Clarins colour scheme, the new lipstick is made of premium gold anodised aluminium with a touch of red, which symbolises the performance and passion that drives the Brand.

HCP Packaging was selected by Clarins to collaborate on the design and development of this unique, contemporary and premium quality ergonomic lipstick container. The aesthetic design of the pack is complimented by the clever realisation of a debossed Clarins 'C' logo within a precisely machined 'leaf' scallop on one corner edge of the cover. HCP have created a unique and innovative metal pressing process to manufacture the square, sharp edged aluminium cover and basecap for this container. Both of the fashion parts utilise high performance metal polishing and anodising processes to realise the luxury gold overall appearance of the pack. The metal fashion parts are complimented by a matching metallised centre collar and a Clarins red semi transparent base button.

The angle profile mechanism sleeve is also produced in anodised aluminium and features the 'Clarins' brand name subtly silk screened on the surface.

HCP are delighted to receive recognition for such a remarkable piece of packaging design.
HCP honoured to receive L'Oréal Quality Excellence Award for Components Supplier 2010
HCP Packaging is delighted to have been recognised by L'Oréal with the honour of receiving the 2010 global award for Quality Excellence for the supply of components.

The award was received by HCP, at the Asia Pacific Supplier day, held at the Harbour Grand Hotel, in Hong Kong. It was presented by Mr. Jacques Sebban, L'Oréal Asia Pacific Sourcing Director, on Tuesday 9th November, the eve of the Cosmoprof show.

The event was attended by more than 350 people, coming from 140 suppliers to L'Oréal, producers of raw materials, packaging, machines, and almost all of the Group's sub-contractors operating in the area.

HCP's achievement for quality rating was 0.2 % which is well below the targets set by L'Oréal to its vendors.

Mr Jeff Chen, CEO HCP Group with Gary Fagan, VP Sales HCP USA; Eric Firmin, President HCP France and Daniel Li, HCP Sales China were delighted to accept the award on behalf of HCP.

"This award is an honour to receive from L'Oréal and is a result of a strong partnership and commitment by both companies"

Jeff Chen, CEO, HCP Packaging.

The main target of the day was to share the L'Oréal group's vision in Asia for the next decade to come and reward the work carried out by a number of suppliers during the past three years.
HCP Global Sales Meeting
November 5th & 6th 2010 saw the gathering of the HCP sales teams at the HCP Headquarters, in Shanghai, for a global sales review.

Attendees from HCP USA – both the East Coast and West Coast offices; HCP France and HCP UK joined the HCP China teams for a two day meeting, before travelling to Hong Kong for the Cosmoprof Asia show.

The teams took the time to view the Shanghai and Suzhou factories and to see new equipment in situ. Recent investments included a new automatic machine for lipstick assembly and additional bi-injection machinery, purchased to increase capacity for bi-injection of buttons to aid pack identification for lipstick shades.

Strong focus was also put on environmental features, with additional windmills and solar panel installations in place to support the generation of power for lighting.

This global sales event takes place annually, in China, for the Sales and Project teams to share market activity, discuss trends, review performance and agree future strategy for HCP. Additional meetings take place throughout the year at HCP's regional sales offices for interim reviews.
HCP announce the introduction of a classical extension to its stock product portfolio.
The Radii Round compact line, which perfectly compliments the existing Radii Square compact range, consists of a cohesive collection of three distinct compact sizes that are perfect for Eye Shadow, Blusher and Pressed Powder type products.

All of the new Radii Round compacts can be supplied with complimentary and/or contrasting top plate inserts and can be supplied with full size glass mirrors.

Additionally, the two piece base construction provides customers with the opportunity to customise the colour contrast of the base insert.

The compacts feature HCP's high performance clasp opening system and pin hinged lids.

The Radii compact range features a unique two piece lid construction that can be adapted to create specific, bespoke aesthetic designs. The lid insert can be colour molded, spayed or UV metallised. Additionally, the lid top plate can be replaced by the insertion of a printed card or material die cut insert.

Effectively, the Radii Round compact range has endless design and customisation opportunities that are not normally available from regular 'stock' compact products.
Refill KIt and Solo
The new rectangular Matrix kit is HCP's latest packaging concept, designed to provide an innovative click in/ click out refill system, for self selection and personalisation of the quad palette.

Each individual plastic boot refill has been designed to hold a 25mm diameter, circular pan, which can be lifted out of the kit base and swapped for another shade, allowing the consumer to mix and play with the colours in the palette.

The Matrix design has been created to fit into HCP's standard Fusion range which features sharp, slim, classic compacts.

The lid is versatile - it can be molded in opaque colours with a full size mirror, or can be transparent for product shade display.

To complement this pack HCP have developed a smaller solo compact, designed to carry a single refill boot. This can be used as a standalone product or as a carrier for the refill.

HCP's extensive range of spray technology and secondary finishing, including silkscreen printing, hot foil stamping and heat transfer foil application, can be utilised to realise the brand identity.
Cruz Pots
HCP announces a new, contemporary, range of jars and closures.

The 'Cruz' jar range consists of four pack sizes (from 4ml to 40ml), which are perfect for presenting lip gloss, eye shadow, blusher, mousse make-up or mineral powders. The stylish, soft round profile of the jar base is purposely designed to provide established or new cosmetic/skin care brands with a high quality, container that is cost effective, simple to fill and flexible to adopt for a range of product and marketing opportunities.

The jars can be supplied in transparent, tinted or opaque PMMA or SAN resins, whilst the threaded jar lids are molded in opaque colored ABS resin.

Both components can be decorated using HCP's hot foil stamping, silk screen printing or UV lacquering and metallising facilities to create unique and added value product offerings.

The jars can be supplied for direct filling or with regular PP sifters or HCP's innovative 'Powder seal' mesh sifters. Additionally, the lids are supplied fitted with EPE liners to ensure an effective seal with the jar base.

The Cruz Jar range sits comfortably within HCP's Fusion, Cool, Radii and Radical product lines. It is also perfect for either standalone product offerings, line extensions to existing product portfolios or as a low cost/high value sampling offering.
Simple Lash
For a more defined look to your lashes, HCP has created the perfect brush, Simple Lash. The square profile of the "brush" has defined filament rows for the mascara to load into and your lashes to flow through. In addition to this the unique double taper design allows for multiple surfaces which in turn provides an improved combing function to the brush which helps to lengthen the lashes.
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