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Guerlain, Volga Princess Compact

HCP France worked closely with Guerlain to develop their stunning new palette Volga Princess, a collection of Lip glosses and Eye shadows, which will launch in August 2009.

Guerlain selected the HCP slim Fusion Square Grande compact, presented with a specifically tooled custom vacuum formed insert, designed to beautifully showcase the Guerlain products.

The compact is luxuriously metallised in a deep purple colour with a gorgeous three colour silkscreen decoration on the lid. This design is also embedded in the formulation, echoing the effect on the cover. Two applicators, one for eye and one for lip, decorated with a silkscreen printed Guerlain logo are in the centre recesses of the case.

The compact is packaged in a velvet drawstring pouch, again decorated in the same pattern and branded with the Guerlain logo.

The result is truly a reflection of the beauty of the prestigious Guerlain Brand!
HCP USA works with Belvada to create
Mascara Noir – the One-Handed Wand

Belvada, a new name in mascaras, claim to have brought the first major change to mascara application in over fifty years, with the introduction of their new ‘one handed’ mascara.

HCP have worked very closely with the Montreal based Beauty Company to develop the industrial design and manufacturing technology for this revolutionary ‘pen-style’ applicator mascara. The Belvada design is totally unique, with very little synergy to the traditional ‘wand-style’ applicator design. Product application is controlled with finer precision, resulting in superior overall performance and customer satisfaction.

The ‘one-handed wand’ system features a slider mechanism that propels the brush out through a patented (pending) double wiper seal system, ensuring perfect product delivery with no clumping or wastage. Virtually no air is able to enter the formulation chamber during application, keeping the mascara product fresh and free from drying out.

The pack ergonomics are completed by a ‘twist-off’ closure that can be clipped onto a button at the bottom of the pack during usage. The Belvada pack is beautifully finished, using HCP’s high performance metallisation refinishing technology, with a premium gunmetal finish and a white silk screen printed ‘Belvada’ logo.

Belvada entrepreneur Dov Grossnass has spent over two years developing the concept and packaging for the one-handed wand mascara. Dov’s aim is to focus on the development of new, innovative, niche market products that excite the consumer and create real value.

This new product, marketed as Mascara Noir, will be sold, initially, to selected salons, before rolling out to speciality stores.
HCP sales on the West Coast
HCP USA welcomes Laura Nowatzki as Vice President, West Coast Sales and Marketing.

Laura brings a wealth of cosmetic packaging experience to HCP USA . She graduated from the University of California, in Santa Barbara, with a BA In mechanical engineering and has previous packaging development and QC experience at a number of West Coast cosmetics companies, including Smashbox, Guthie Renker, Hain Celestial Personal Care Division and Rock and Republic. Additionally, Laura is also an Instructor of packaging design and development at FIDM, in downtown Los Angeles.

In her new role, Laura will be responsible for managing all sales and marketing activities on new and existing accounts in the area 'west of the Mississippi River'. Laura brings a fresh perspective to the sales role and reinforces HCP's objective of providing global and regional sales and development capability across all geographic regions.
Flare Range

HCP are proud to announce the launch of the 'Flare' range of packs.

’Flare’ is the latest range in HCP’s ever growing line up of stock packages. The new round profile range of cosmetic packs offers customers a modern, innovative and flexible opportunity to create a bespoke and unique design from stock tooling.

‘Flare’ is created with a ‘soft curved’ external profile and a discreet centre ring or platform, allowing individual brands to discriminate their designs by utilising HCP’s advance refinishing technology to colour and decorate the outer components and centre bands in a unique and complimentary style. Production tooling for the Pressed Powder, Blusher and Eye shadow compacts is now fully completed and validated. All of the compacts can be offered with either an opaque lid (with mirror) or a transparent lid.

The ‘Flare’ range will be shortly be extended, with the introduction of lipstick, mascara and nail polish products, allowing customers to create a complete product line up that is cohesive and innovative.
"Push and Pull" Double Ended Lipstick

HCP’s latest lipstick innovation is the ‘Push and Pull’ double ended lipstick. This new product innovation features two ‘full size’ lipstick cartridges, assembled to a unique central holder.

This creative product allows customers to present two lipsticks or a combination of lipstick and lip gloss within one attractive and innovative pack.

The individual lipsticks are accessed by simply pushing the base of one lipstick to expose the lipstick at the other end of the pack.

Whilst the base parts of the individual lipsticks can be individually colour matched, for accurate shade identification, the central holder can be decorated using HCP’s extensive refinishing technology to create bespoke designs for a truly unique brand differentiation.

Production tooling for this new pack is finished and fully validated. The pack is offered as a stock item, offering customers fast and low cost new product introduction.
Fusion Square Pressed Powder

HCP announce the latest product innovation to the existing Fusion Square range.

The Pressed Powder compact builds on the Fusion lines' slim, classic and minimal characteristics, providing customers with a full size pressed powder product. This latest development within the Fusion line offers the opportunity to create a full line up of slim, square, cosmetic packs or simply the chance to present this attractive compact as a 'stand alone 'Pressed Powder compact.

The Fusion Pressed Powder compact is engineered with a two piece base design and a single piece lid. The compacts can be produced in opaque or transparent materials and can be presented with or without a mirror in the lid.

Brand equity can be created by utilising HCP's extensive and superior range of added value finishing techniques.

The Fusion Square Pressed Powder compact can be vacuum metallised, UV sprayed, soft touch finished and hot stamped or silk screen printed to creative an innovative and unique appearance.
Hard times:
The credit crunch winners and losers….

As the mid point in 2009 approaches, all businesses continue to study their sales figures to determine the full impact of the current credit crunch crisis.

As a packaging supplier, HCP have truly had an insight on how our valued customers and supply partners are dealing with this challenging year.

We are strongly reminded, that innovation is king! There is clearly a heightened need to create products that provide a unique selling point, which with sophisticated marketing and eye catching design, can offer the consumer something unique and different, especially in these difficult times! This is no time to sit back and wait for things to happen! In fact, HCP has relished this challenge, even though we recognise that this will be a tough year and that profitability will only be achieved through continued hard work, innovation and manufacturing excellence. The current economic climate has created an exciting opportunity for HCP to work even closer with our valued customers to come up with some truly unique concepts and packaging ideas, at affordable costs. Dare we say it – we have had fun this year!

HCP has been proud to have been closely involved with a number of unique industry product launches this year, L’Oreal’s Lash Stiletto and the Belvada Mascara to name just a couple! Fortunately, the intrinsic link between innovation and success has not only been exploited by the large, multi-national cosmetic companies - HCP have been able to celebrate success with a number of regional customers and brands!

One such success stories is that of Primark, the UK budget brand cult clothing chain, who has seen overall profits rise 22% in the six months to March. A factor of the credit crunch in the UK is that whilst consumers are clearly looking to cut back on ‘mainstream’ consumable goods - buying only essential or ‘value’ items, they are still prepared to indulge in beauty products, that are seen as ‘affordable treats’, especially if these products are positioned in a price sensitive manner.

In May 2009, Primark realised the immediate potential of this market opportunity and launched it’s first own label make up range into a range of it’s UK and Ireland high street stores Called ‘Beautiful Colour Cosmetics’, the Primark range offers budget conscious female consumers a cost effective solution for stylish, innovative and high quality products, presented in attractive and unique packaging at affordable prices The Primark range was developed with beauty and personal care specialist Swallowfield. HCP worked very closely with Swallowfield to create a new and innovative compact for the ‘Blend & Stretch’ eyeshadow. Using HCP’s new ‘Fusion Extend ‘compact, Primark and Swallowfield were able to create a truly stunning product design. The slim ‘Fusion’ compact was transformed into a “funky” container with a bright pink lid with mirror and three color graphics and a black base. The base features two internal recesses, one to hold an eyeshadow product and the other to hold a bright pink applicator. This is such a great example of a customer identifying an opportunity in a negative market and then collaborating with a pro-active and innovative sub contract product supplier (Swallowfield) and a creative and cost effective packaging supplier (HCP) to stimulate a new product using a stock pack to transforming it into something completely new, innovative and cost effective.!
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