Carolyn Roper, Body Artist at work on the HCP Booth

From left to right, Geraldine Deveille (HCP France),
Clemence Noblet (HCP France), Darren Eade (HCP UK),
Eric Firmin (President, HCP France), Body Artist models,
Tamar Garabedian (Anisa Intl), Rishma Walia (Anisa Intl)
HCP creates
Beauty Buzz at
Make Up in Paris

This summer HCP Packaging was excited to participate in a new exhibition in the French capital – Make Up in Paris.

This new show brought together suppliers in the cosmetics industry – component packaging manufacturers, full-service companies and designers - in a new kind of exhibition for Paris. HCP collaborated with Anisa International to exhibit at this event, held at the Espace Pierre Cardin, on 24th and 25th June. During the two day event, HCP presented new graphic Trend designs, in association with Valerie Bernard, along with the latest mascara technology and packaging innovation. The event was a huge success with many valued customers taking the time to visit the show.

Anisa International demonstrated a Face/Body Art Make Up show, by West End Studios, featuring the acclaimed body painter Carolyn Roper - winner of the 2007 and 2009 World Body Painting championships. Carolyn worked with professional brushes from Anisa to transform two models using products supplied by HCP’s valued customers, Illamasqua and Clarins. The bodies of the models were painted in a fantastic mural of colour, demonstrating how Carolyn’s unique style and attention to detail has established her as one of the UK’s leading body artists. The intertwining of the models portrayed the collaboration in our industry of key relationships between vendor and customer; customer and brand, product and applicator/brush and Anisa/HCP’s relationship in Europe, where we are promoting unique products together.

"Make Up in Paris is the first event dedicated to the entire make-up supply chain. It proved to be a colourful event enabling HCP to show our latest innovations and developments to the key players of the industry from marketing, purchasing, development teams and management people. Truly a great atmosphere was created in a prestigious location - the place to be!"
Eric Firmin, President, HCP France
Wonder Lash Mascara

HCP have utilised in house brush making technology to produce different filament heights which create a new double taper Hi/Low profile brush.

Wonder Lash is a new double taper brush design that allows the bristles to be spaced in a high and low geometrical array which create unique product feed channels.

The defined filament grooves provide improved product loading onto the brush, resulting in better application pay-off when the product is combed through the lashes. The result is superior product loading onto the lashes.

Wonder Lash offers extremely good building and volumising properties for a thick, rich, even application with no clumping.
Eye Illuminator

Eye Illuminator is the latest twisted fibre brush from HCP’s Mascara Innovation team.

The double taper, triple ‘V’ groove brush specification allows the consumer to grip the lashes, providing an ultimate building performance with one stroke.

The three individual feed channels in the brush provide superior product loading which give the eyes a full lash effect.

This new and innovative brush has been designed by HCP specifically for thicker product formulations. Large diameter solid filament allows products of a higher viscosity to load onto the brush and then transfer easily and consistently onto the customer's eyelashes.
Summertime Palettes

The Secret Mirror Sliding Kit has been innovatively decorated by HCP to showcase the company's high performance secondary finishing capability.

The compacts are colour molded and re-finished in ‘summertime pastel’, pearl spray colours creating a soft luminous effect on the plastic.

The beautiful surface finish is enhanced with a two colour, decorative Japanese cherry blossom silkscreen design - perfect for creating pretty quad promotional palettes.
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