Cool Art Wet & Dry Compact

The Cool Art Wet & Dry Compact has  a clear lid which accepts a paper insert underneath it. This aspect offers excellent display potential for graphics and branding. The base has a recess for a pressed cake and a recess (with ventilation holes) for a sponge.

The hinge is steel pinned and the closure system has an HCP ‘finger recess’ clasp design. The compact can only be moulded in opaque PS materials and is supplied with a profiled mirror in the lid.

Decoration Options

Paper insert: 4/6 colour process
Base: Vacuum metallising, UV spraying
Lid: Hot stamping, screen printing


Overall Dimensions (oval): 89mm x 78mm
Overall Height: 22mm
Pan Dimensions (oval): 58.1mm x 6mm deep


HCP Ref: 25J