HCP Packaging are globally renowned for their ability to generate and execute innovative and creative ‘added value’ finishing solutions.

This capability allows customers to differentiate and customise HCP standard packs or to innovate and develop new decorative designs for custom containers.

HCP’s portfolio of finishing options and processes is extensive, modern and cost effective. The range of options includes in-house resin colouration and simple hot stamping/screen printing through to complex UV metallisation, electroplating and in-mould labelling.









• HCP’s knowledge and experience of vacuum metallising is extremely extensive, offering customers the possibility to dramatically enhance and customise either custom products or HCP standard containers.
• When used in conjunction with HCP’s UV spray lacquering facility, an almost endless range of colours, aspects and appearances can be applied to components and packs.
• HCP’s metallising facility is ‘state of the art’, ensuring that customers receive optimum product quality, performance and competitive economics. The HCP production workshop is air controlled to ensure that product performance is consistent and component quality is maximised.



• The electroplating process offers customers the opportunity to create luxury, premium finishes on custom or HCP standard components.
• Surface finishes ranging from gold, silver, nickel, chrome and brass can be achieved through this innovative process.
• All electroplating is undertaken by a number of carefully selected and regularly audited local sub-contractors.



• HCP’s UV spray lacquering facility is world class, allowing customers to customise, enhance and surface protect custom or standard HCP containers.
• UV spray lacquering can be used to enhance the decorative quality, enhance the appearance, change the tactility, or to increase the surface protection of a component.
• An endless range of colours and appearances can be achieved through HCP’s spray lacquering technology, including solid and translucent colours, metallics, pearls/opalescents, and irridescents. Surface textures, ranging from gloss, matt, sateen and ‘soft touch’ can be achieved through this innovative process.
• When used in conjunction with HCP’s metallising process, UV spray lacquering can provide customers with a unique variety of coloured and textured metallic appearances including; gold, silver, copper, bronze, gun metal and ‘soft touch’.



• HCP Packaging offer customers an extensive range of printing possibilities, including linear and rotary hot stamping and screen printing.
• Inks and hot stamping foils are available from HCP stock in a wide range of colours and finishes.
• Print origination, including artwork realisation, hot stamping dies and screen prints can be produced very quickly at low cost, enabling customers to realise and approve new designs without any delay.
• Multiple colour printing including registered hot stamping and screen printing is available from HCP Packaging.



HCP Packaging’s finishing portfolio also includes the following decorating processes and techniques:
• In-mould labelling
• Hand or machine applied labelling
• Cubic transfer
• In-mould hot stamping
• Laser engraving (metal or plastic)
• Anodising (aluminium components)