Airless Compacts & Jars

Hygienic & accurate dosing...

As consumer demands evolve in the 'New Normal', beauty products offering increased level of cleanliness are seeing a sharp rise in demand.

Supplied exclusively by HCP, Pum-Tech Korea's Airless Compacts and Jars provide controlled dosing, excellent hygiene due to reduced risk of contamination and extended product shelf-life with reduced exposure of formula to the air.

For more information on HCP's exclusive partnership with Pum-Tech Korea please contact your local representative.

Airless Compacts

Available in variety of sizes with standard or slim profiles, Airless Compacts give great product evacuation and can be offered as refill formats for a sustainable solution.

Ideal for liquid foundation, single or multiple holes give precise release of product and the effortless dispensing system is available with a push-button or push-down function.

For convenient application, these packs allow space to hold a sponge and are offered with an internal mirror.

Single-Wall Airless Jars

A premium choice for cream formulas, the press-down actuating system gives accurate dosage and cleanliness as the surface can be easily cleaned.

Cushion, 1 or 12 hole applicators are available, as well as standard or flip-top/mirror over-caps.

Capacity: 30ml/40ml/50ml | Dosage: 0.18cc/0.3cc

Double-Wall Airless Jars

Double-wall airless jars offer opportunity to layer multiple decoration and finishes for the ultimate luxury aesthetic.

Capacity: 50ml | Dosage: 0.18cc/0.3cc