Airless Compacts: Portable, Hygienic & Refillable

Airless Compacts are a convenient & portable packaging choice for ‘on-the-go’ make-up application; to frequently refresh & reapply for a flawless complexion.

Packaging Benefits:

Controlled release of product & great product evacuation to limit waste.

Excellent hygiene due to reduced risk of contamination.

Extended product shelf-life with reduced exposure of formula to the air; preventing liquid formula from drying out.

Easily adaptable to all brand identities with a range of contemporary profiles & decorative cover options.

Available with a snap-on refillable unit to reduce waste packaging - a sustainable option for the eco-conscious consumer.

With a variety of actuator types available, Airless Compacts are suitable for cosmetics products including liquid foundation, primer, suncare, BB cream, blush & highlighter.

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