Boost Skincare Rituals with Airless Innovation

Introducing the 'Mouse Airless Pouch' series...

Offering a unique and convenient 360° application to effectively dispense product from any angle.

Available as either single or double-wall construction, the chic elliptical shape is ergonomic to handle with excellent portability and leak prevention due to the innovative pump-locking system.

The 'Mouse Series' offers versatility for profile customisation of both the inner pouch and external bottle, with boundless decoration possibilities to suit all brand identities.

The multi-layer aluminium inner pouch optimises product barrier protection and chemical resistance while achieving a stunning, contemporary appearance.

By eliminating contact with the air, the superior formula preservation provided by the airless system makes this pack suitable for oxygen-sensitive formulations including suncare, foundation and skincare creams such as retinol or serums.

OFC: 35ml, 40ml, 50ml | Dosage: 0.2cc