Bring the Skincare A-Game

Controlled & high-performance dispensing: drop by drop...

For brands adopting a 'cosmeceutical' approach to skincare, the ultra-chic 'Auto Dropper' optimises results with a precise in-take of product via the innovative auto-loading system.

As the pack is unscrewed, the smooth and easy mechanism simultaneously charges formula into the PETG pipette dropper. The convenient push-button offers a premium application gesture; applying directly to the face or dispensing into the palm.

The 'Auto Dropper' delivers a consistent and exact 0.4cc dosage of low-viscosity facial skincare products such as serum, essence and oil or make-up products such as liquid foundation or highlighter.

The series is available in 15ml, 30ml, 40ml and 50ml capacities with options of single or double-wall bottles.