Elegant Skincare Essentials

Sometimes, simple & uncomplicated aesthetics work best...

The 'WB 3 Series' comprises a cohesive and timeless selection of high-quality, single-wall packaging for a variety of essential skincare products.

Offering a stylish solution for fast-track launches, the unified designs ensure a consistent aesthetic runs throughout a product range.

Easily adaptable to individual brand identities, the elegantly curved packs can be elevated with special finishes for a unique result.

The 'WB 3 Series' includes:

Airless Pump: 30ml (essence, serum, primer, foundation)

Airless Pump: 50ml (cream)

Dip Tube Pumps: 100ml & 130ml (lotion, toner)

Dropper: 30ml (serum, essence, oil)

Jar: 50ml (cream, gel, facial mask)