Flawless Skin on the Go

Travel-friendly airtight compacts...

A beauty favourite for convenient and frequent retouching of the complexion, high-performance Airtight Compacts offer a built-in mirror and a variety of interior constructions to suit low to high viscosity formulas.

For the ultimate in portability, the innovative patented design ensures an airtight sealing structure to protect against leakage while also preventing the product from drying out and minimising weight-loss.

With constructions suited to all types of foundation plus a range of exterior profiles and endless decoration possibilities, these versatile compacts can be transformed for the perfect formula match and brand aesthetic.


For high viscosity, transformative/melting formulas that are poured directly into the aluminium pan and applied with a sponge, a high level of airtightness is essential to prevent the creamy product from drying out.


For products with light and sheer coverage, the low viscosity formula is impregnated into the sponge cushion which then transforms liquid foundations into a lighter emulsion as it is dispensed.


For mid viscosity cream foundations and loose powders, the flexible and thin mesh releases the correct amount of product to be applied with a puff, sponge or blending brush for even, buildable coverage. Ideal for touch-ups throughout the day, the airtight construction protects against frustrating spills of excess product.