Freshly Mixed & Powerful Skincare

Optimise formula efficacy with the innovative dual-chamber 'Ampoule Dropper - Mixing Type'...

Ideal for supercharged facial treatments that target specific skincare concerns and enhancing the consumers' interactive mixing experience.

Retain the ultimate formula potency by activating upon first use with a simple mixing function: remove the stopper ring, then press the actuator to open the membrane and mix the products.

Perfect for intensive treatments with active ingredients, the pack offers the option to combine low viscosity serums with either a secondary powder or liquid formula.

Give skincare devotees the choice to apply their preferred amount of high-tech product with controlled dispensing of precise 0.1cc or 0.3cc doses.

The slim and portable design has a convenient dropper dispenser for direct and targeted application, plus a lockable actuator to eliminate mess and leakage.

Product Information

  • Capacity: 10ml + 2ml
  • Dosage: 0.1cc/0.3cc
  • Bottle Material: PET
  • Cap Material: PETG
  • Push Button Material: ABS
  • Shoulder Material: PETG