Self-Care: Skincare Game-Changers

High-performance, interactive packaging...

HCP offer a wide selection of unique skincare packaging and innovative dispensing solutions to boost skincare regimes to a whole new level.

Healthy, luminous skin is a must-have across the globe and in the current climate, more focus is being put on products that offer a holistic experience with purposeful packaging playing a significant role.

As skincare aficionados seek out the latest game-changers, trends such as DIY mixing, 24/7 skincare and multi-tasking beauty rituals that deliver maximum results are coming to the fore.

Presented below are a selection of stock items that offer quick-to-market yet high-performance solutions for various skincare products.

Twist Double Mix Dropper

This high-performance dispensing system gives consumers a unique two-step 'press>shake & mix' process to mix the formulas for immediate application.

The pipette enables controlled dosage of formulas such as serums.

Capacity: 7ml (liquid) & 1g (powder)

Dosage: 0.4cc

Double Mix Pump

Ideal for premium treatments, this ingenious dip tube pump features two chambers to allow consumers to activate product with an interactive DIY mixing experience, with freshly mixed formula on first use.

15ml: 8ml (liquid) + 1g (liquid/powder)
20ml: 14ml (liquid) + 1g (liquid/powder)
25ml: 19ml (liquid) + 1g (liquid/powder)

Dosage: 0.2cc

Mini Spot Airless

This single-wall airless pack is an innovative choice for face care products such as eye-creams and serums.

The finger-shaped actuator provides easy and hygienic direct application with controlled dosage.

Capacity: 5ml-15ml

Dosage: 0.1cc

Single-Wall Airless Jar

A premium choice for cream formulas, this single-wall airless container provides a longer shelf-life to formulas as there is no exposure to the air.

The press-down actuating system gives accurate dosage and is hygienic as the surface can easily be cleaned.

1 or 12 hole and cushion applicators are available, as well as standard or flip-top/mirror caps.

Capacity: 30ml/40ml/50ml

Dosage: 0.18cc/0.3cc

Twist Zoom Airless Pump

Suitable for serums and creams, this dual-structure airless pack features a twist shut-off nozzle with lock system.

Capacity: 30ml/50ml

Dosage: 0.2cc