Simple. Sustainable. Skincare.

Introducing the 'Eco2Pump + COC Bottle': an eco-friendly all-plastic, POM & metal-free pump that makes a positive contribution to the circular economy.

Elevate this easily adaptable pack with genuine green credentials

The ‘Eco2-Pump’ can be supplied in highly recyclable PCR materials:

- Bottle & over-cap: R-PET (option)
- Collar, screw & actuator: R-PP (option)

With an improved product end-life, the combination of an easy to separate label and all-plastic pump dispenser enhances the opportunity to enter the recycling stream.

Available with 0.2cc dosage and rechargeable bottles in capacities of 30-150ml, this versatile pack is suitable for lotion, serum, foundation, primer and sunscreen.

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