Dial-Less Stick 10g

Product Code: ST-DDL-10

Revolutionary 'dial-less' sticks feature an innovative 'twist & click' patented delivery system for an easy and premium user-experience. Read More

For targeted and frequent application, twist-up sticks are high-quality and ergonomic packages for no-fuss application anytime, anywhere.

This versatile bottom or top fill pack is perfectly suited for solid formulas in sun protection, skincare, colour and hair categories or simply used as a blending tool with a straight or slanted bush.

This item has a soft-square profile, click fit cap and a half-auto turning seamless bar dial to dispense the product or available with a brush. Available in 10g.

The dual version of this pack provides the flexibility of a 2 in 1 product or with a brush on one end for easy blending of product on the go.

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  • Soft Square


  • Height: 50.4mm
  • Width: 51.3 x 22.1mm


  • Overcap: PP/PET
  • Seal Cap: PP
  • Base: PP
  • Bottle: PP
  • Applicator: Polybutylene


  • Type: Twist

Special Features

  • Straight Opening
  • Top Fill
  • Bottom Fill
  • Slanted Brush
  • Flat Brush

Manufacturing Location

  • South Korea

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