Manhattan Blusher Compact


Each of the Manhattan compacts have identical external dimensions with a choice of insert options to suit a variety of product possibilities within one single size variant. This simple yet versatile design is complimented by the use of robust materials and HCP's unique plastic hinge/clasp technology. Read More

The 'Manhattan' range is a contemporary high-quality design ideally suited for moulding in transparent materials, although the compacts can also be opaque moulded.

Pans can be moulded in clear plastic to provide a completely transparent aesthetic.

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  • Sharp Square


  • Height: 12mm
  • Width: 60.2mm
  • Depth: 60.2mm
  • Well/s Dimensions: (1x) W:43.13 x D:24.4 x H:3.1mm (1x) W:43.13 x D:15.05 x H:3.1mm (Applicator Recess)

Insert Options

  • Insert Options: Single, Injection Moulded, Rectangle Wells, Metal Pressing Pan, Applicator Recess

Special Features

  • Clear Cover/Shade ID
  • Clasp/Finger Recess Opening
  • Plastic Hinge

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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