HCP EcoLab

Get green & gorgeous with HCP

With a focus on developing primary packaging that optimises the opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle, HCP’s EcoLab team are continuously exploring cutting-edge options such as bio-materials, as well as identifying how the rapidly evolving beauty landscape should inform development programs.

Sustainable Design

HCP's sustainable packaging designs include features such as plastic hinges for compacts or refill concepts, whilst retaining a premium appearance. Several of HCP’s clients have successfully launched refill compacts into the market; utilising various constructions including magnetic, clip-in or slide-in inserts.

PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) Materials

HCP have always supported the use of PCR to reduce the utilisation of virgin material. Custom and stock packages are produced in PCR resins of ABS, PE, PP and PET materials from reputable sources.

Exclusive Material Innovation from HCP - EcoWood

HCP EcoLab present a new innovation: EcoWood - a 100% bio-based eco-material made from wood and its derivatives, utilising wood fibre from bi-product of Finnish controlled reforestation.

EcoWood is 100% composed of lignin (wood fibre), cellulose and vegetal waxes; an FSC certified material that does not compete with food sources. It can be processed by traditional moulding methods, with lower energy usage compared to conventional polymers, due to a reduced material melting temperature.

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It has a carbon footprint that is neutral to negative over the full life-cycle and with FDA compatibility for some grades. There are different grades of EcoWood materials including those that are industrially compostable. These materials have strong chemical resistance characteristics.

To ensure packaging is both green and gorgeous, packs can be decorated with UV lacquer, silk screen inks or foils. Pack aesthetics can resemble a fibrous wood effect or can be uncompromised, with the possibility for transparency and high shine.