Lipsticks and Slimsticks

HCP Packaging is recognised as a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of lipstick products. Our knowledge of lipstick design, construction and functionality is cutting edge.

HCP Packaging offers comprehensive technical and design support to customers wishing to develop bespoke lipstick designs. Our knowledge of materials, closure systems, assembly processes and functionality is second to none.

A wide range of HCP Standard Lipsticks, Slimsticks and Trim Sticks are available for customers to personalise though HCP’s comprehensive colouration and secondary finishing (UV metallising, UV spraying and/or printing) capability.

HCP Packaging offer customer support to ensure that lipstick products run efficiently on our customers production lines.

HCP stock Lipstick mechanisms are available in the following cup sizes: Slimstick: 8.6mm, Mini lipstick: 9mm; Trend Stick: 10.9mm and Full size: 12.1 or 12.7mm .

Fusion Round Range

Fusion Square Range

Cool Range

Divine Range

Radii Range

Magnum Range

Other Lipsticks