Skincare Pumps & Packaging

An expanded skincare portfolio including airless pumps, bottles & tubes, refillable jars & tottles.

A new skincare pump & stock packaging program from HCP

Increasingly consumers focus on wellness and improving their skin health, resulting in a booming skincare sector, with packaging essential to the preservation, dispensing and application of ingredient-packed products. HCP Packaging is excited to launch a new collection of skincare pumps and packaging suitable for a wide variety of complexion products, expanding the existing skincare stock portfolio. 

Having completed a substantial outlay in innovation and efficient manufacturing capability, HCP has developed and industrialised a new patented pump system called ‘Affinity’, with both Atmospheric and Airless technologies now available. Recent investments include high speed auto-assembly lines for pump engines, as well as an expanded in-house tool making capacity to expedite new developments, ensuring product competitivity and speed-to-market. 

HCP’s global design and engineering teams are fully integrated to ensure smart imaginative thinking with effective realisation and manufacture of custom skincare packaging solutions for major beauty brands across the world. Elevate your stock and custom skincare packaging developments to luxury status with HCP Packaging; industry leaders in high quality finishing innovation and on-trend creative decoration techniques.

Offering multi-region skincare packaging manufacturing in Asia, North America, and Europe, technologies include mono and bi-injection production and blow moulding by injection (IBM), extrusion (EBM) and stretch blow (ISBM). These capabilities achieve premium aesthetics for luxury thick-walled bottles and over-caps, with the opportunity to incorporate aluminium from in-house metal pressing in Asia.

HCP are committed to developing eco-friendly packaging, optimising the opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle. Brands are supported with sustainable solutions, reducing the use of virgin resins through the incorporation of PCR and bio-based materials. In region manufacturing locations in Asia, North America and Europe proudly hold ISCC PLUS certification enabling the supply of packaging manufactured with molecularly recycled materials (PET, PETG and PCTA).

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