Factory Locations

HCP serve its global customers through world-class production facilities with locations in USA, Mexico, Europe and China.

A truly global manufacturing footprint

HCP Packaging are investing significantly in their global manufacturing facilities, optimising synergies to increase the offer both in terms of technology and geographic positioning.

Discover HCP's specialist technologies

A team of highly experienced and skilled engineers underpin a culture of top-quality and efficient manufacturing practices. HCP’s end-to-end approach ensures that full scrutiny can be given to every project from initial ideation and prototypes through to the final product rollout. As speed-to-market is increasingly an area of focus for customers and with emerging markets in Asia and Latin America, an international approach ensures the latest technologies can be accessible to all customers.

Areas of expertise in the manufacturing sector include the R&D and fabrication of twisted-wire brushes in HCP’s centre of excellence in Hinsdale, New Hampshire. HCP’s European facility also offer unique patented fibre brush technologies, such as ‘Spider’ brushes. Growing in popularity, HCP-SIMP also offer plastic mascara brushes, which benefit from the use of the latest micro-injection technology; designed, developed and manufactured in in Paris, France.


HCP’s product development, decoration innovation and manufacturing teams are based in Shanghai, China, with expertise ideally placed for the emerging Asian market. Servicing a global customer-base, these facilities specialise in developing new stock packaging and play a key role in uniting the global HCP teams.

Shanghai, China

  • Product development and manufacturing
  • Founded: 2005
  • Site Area: 50,000m²

Huai’an, China

  • Full pack manufacture and extensive decoration facilities
  • Founded: 2008
  • Site Area: 148,611m²

Hetian Packaging (Huai’an) Co., Ltd, China

  • Metal pressing plant
  • Remaining 50% shares of Hetian Packaging (Huai’an) Co., Ltd. acquired by HCP: September 2020
  • Site Area: 26,666m²


HCP’s European facilities are a more recent addition and optimise synergies to increase the offer both in terms of technology and geographic positioning. Complete pack manufacture and twisted-wire brush expertise is located in Germany and SIMP’s headquarters are based in Tigery, Paris, with design, engineering and manufacturing teams leading the innovation of moulded brushes and rubber wipers.

Bechhofen, Germany

  • Full manufacturing and decoration capabilities for mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, applicators and twisted-wire brushes
  • Acquired by HCP: August 2017
  • Site Area: 14,000m²

Tigery, France (SIMP)

  • Production of high-precision moulded plastic brushes and rubber wipers
  • Acquired by HCP: September 2016
  • Site Area: 14,000m²

North America

HCP design, engineer and manufacture twisted-wire brushes and full packs in Hinsdale, New Hampshire USA; providing an expert service to the global customer base.

The manufacturing site in Reynosa, Mexico, offers production, decoration and assembly of full mascara packs for North and Latin America.

SIMP also manufacture NBR wipers and other plastic components in their second factory in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Hinsdale, USA

  • Centre of excellence for the design, engineering and manufacture of twisted-wire brushes
  • Full pack manufacture of mascara and lip gloss
  • Operation commenced: 2004 after HCP acquisition of BMG
  • Site Area: 40,000m²

Reynosa, Mexico

  • Production, decoration and assembly of full mascara packs for the North America and Latin America territories
  • Founded: 2010
  • Site Area: 8,000m²

Aguascalientes, Mexico (SIMP)

  • Acquired by HCP: September 2016
  • Production of rubber wiper products and industrial parts
  • Site Area: 2,500m²