Flocked Applicators

HCP supply flocked applicators suitable for lip gloss and liquid lipstick, plus complexion products such as concealer, primer & highlighter

Applicator technology

HCP produce applicators that are suitable for a wide variety of product types. Flocked applicators are sometimes referred to as ‘lip gloss applicators’ or ‘doesfoot applictors’ but are also used for applying concealers, eyeliners, cream eyeshadows, spot correctors, cuticle creams and many other cream or liquid products. HCP also produce tufted brush applicators.

Aspects such as the applicator shape, material, flock adhesive, flocking length and density are all selected for optimum product performance.

Our team will recommend the optimal specifications for the applicator/rod/wiper functionality for matt, semi-matt or gloss formulas, to ensure that the best product pick-up and pay-off is achieved. 

Injection moulding

For the injection moulding process, the elastomer material (TPE, TPU, TPC) is selected depending on the applicator shape and flexibility required for the best performance with the formula.


flocked applicator for cosmetics and beauty packaging for lip gloss, liquid lipstick or concealer

HCP’s applicator experts will then select the ideal flock length and density according to the applicator shape and desired make-up claim to achieve the most effective product pick-up and pay-off.

Special technologies in HCP Germany

HCP’s European facility, based in Bechhofen, Germany, offers special flocking technologies including ‘double-flock’ and ‘power-flock’.

Innovative ‘double-flock’ technology offers a high performance applicator to enhance make-up results. Ideal for the majority of shapes of applicator, the dual-length flocking creates a superior environment to hold bulk – giving extreme coverage to the lips.

Extra dense ‘power-flocking’ gives an ultra-sensory experience due to the larger surface area of the applicators, which are very flexible for a gentle and smooth application.