Sustainable Initiative

HCP deliver quality, agile service and operational excellence; this includes a responsible and pro-active approach to providing sustainable packaging solutions for the beauty industry.

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A global blueprint for responsible design & manufacture

HCP pride themselves on an open and respectful company culture where partnerships between global teams enable shared values, ideas and responsible manufacturing methods.

HCP hold the SA8000® Standard; the leading social certification standard for factories and organisations across the globe. This 'Social Accountability' certification encourages organisations to develop, maintain and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace.

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HCP invest in their partnerships by listening to customers and developing mutual trust and respect.

Creative & innovative

In the fast moving beauty industry, HCP are pro-active in the design of both custom and stock packs, investing in sustainable solutions for the beauty industry.


HCP’s global manufacturing facilities and regional support ensure a consistently high level of quality is achieved for every project.

Agile service

HCP pride themselves on an approachable and fast yet efficient service, from custom design through to manufacture and finishing, to global logistics and warehousing platforms.

Operational excellence

HCP are always striving for sustainable improvements in all areas of the business, from investing in modern systems to improve performance, to leading their staff with humility.

Responsible & honest

HCP pride themselves on being transparent, honest and responsible regarding sustainable packaging and manufacturing processes.

Introducing HCP-Eco

Striving to present truthful solutions; the HCP-Eco team are committed to realistic and practical solutions for the beauty industry; considering the life-cycle of a pack, materials, emissions and energy consumption.

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