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As one of the most experienced cosmetics packaging companies in the world, HCP are confident that all customers’ packaging needs can be met, from concept to manufacture to finish, with particular expertise in various moulding methods, mascara application systems and decoration innovation.

Transformative finishes & decoration

HCP’s key areas of expertise include vacuum metallising, spray and special finishes and top-plate decoration; a creative technique to dramatically enhance packaging with a recess incorporated into the construction.

Check out our ‘Finishes & Decoration’ catalogue to find out more about specific finishes and decoration.

Mascara mastery

HCP offer complete beauty solutions for the mascara category, including twisted-wire/fibre brushes, micro-injection plastic brushes, stock and custom packs as well as extensive finishing and decoration capabilities; ensuring brands have a pack that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Eyeliner applicators

HCP offer complete solutions for the eyeliner category, with a stylish collection of stock packs and an eyeliner tip to create a wide variety of make-up looks.

Eyeliner trends are continually evolving to introduce new formulations; work with HCP to find the right applicator for the formula and application characteristic.

Flocked applicators

HCP design and manufacture flocked applicators for lip gloss, concealer, highlighter and other colour cosmetics products that require gentle yet precise application.

HCP work closely with customers to optimise their product with the most effective selection of applicator, rod and wiper technology.