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Our areas of expertise

HCP has a global manufacturing footprint with a strong reputation for quality and innovative creative technologies.

HCP’s manufacturing technologies include injection moulding (including bi-injection moulding), injection blow moulding, extrusion blow moulding and metal pressing.

High quality mirror-cutting facilities for compacts and palettes are all located in-house, with the option for polished edges to add a premium touch.

Injection moulding

Injection moulding is the main manufacturing process used for producing high quality packaging. This process is suitable for the design and production of compacts, lip gloss and lipstick packs, skincare/fragrance caps and closures. It is an ideal manufacturing platform to realise sophisticated, complex and accurate functioning parts with high-volume, cost effective, production output and provides a high-quality capability for added value finishing.

HCP has internal capabilities to develop and manufacture IM/IBM tooling in house for competitive speed-to-market.

premium skincare jars beauty packaging from supplier HCP

Example of Injection Moulding: Azure Jars 30ml, 50ml, 65ml

Bi-injection moulding

The bi-injection moulding process is a sophisticated version of injection moulding, which offers the opportunity to combine two colour or two material component construction within one manufacturing sequence. Applications for this manufacturing process include duo coloured base-buttons for lipstick packs to provide shade ID. Bi-injected technology can also be used to create unique wipers that combine qualities of hardness (for pull force retention) whilst offering softness and flexibility for an ideal wiping function of brushes and applicator tips.

Example of Bi-Injection Moulding: Maroc stock lipstick (58D)

Injection blow moulding

HCP offer injection blow moulding processing for the design and manufacture of bottles for lip gloss, mascara, skincare jars and pots. The IBM technology produces components of superior visual and dimensional quality and is ideal for both narrow and wide-mouthed containers. Materials used in this manufacturing process include PP, PET and LDPE.

Example of Injection Blow Moulding: Square Jumbo Lip Gloss (VK206/FL229)

Extrusion blow moulding

Extrusion blow moulding is an alternative method used to produce thin-wall section bottles and tottles. The process is less sophisticated than injection blow moulding; however, it is an ideal technique for packs requiring multi-layer technologies to improve formula compatibility and stability, and can be used to manufacture mascara and lip gloss bottles.

Example of Extrusion Blow Moulding: Radii 15ml Tottle

Metal pressing

HCP’s metal pressing platform is based on forming aluminium components by the deep impact extrusion technique and then creating a luxurious, smooth surface finish via a secondary anodising process.

Components can be customised by colouring or texturing during anodisation and unique embossed/debossed logos or designs can be incorporated into the pressing process.

The cool touch of aluminium brings an element of luxury to a product and opportunities for realising bespoke finishes from HCP stock pack designs, such as Magnum, are endless.

Examples of metal pressing: Magnum range