Eyeliner Applicators

HCP supply a wide portfolio of eyeliner applicators including synthetic brushes, flocked or linear nylon tips

Just wing it!

HCP Packaging offers various eyeliner applicators to create different looks whether a sleek ‘cat eye’, ‘winged’ or ‘smudged rock chic’ style is required. Eyeliner trends are continually evolving to introduce new formulations; work with HCP to find the right applicator for the formula and application characteristic.

The addition of HCP Germany packs and applicators brings manufacturing and engineering expertise to the European region, enhancing HCP’s global offering.

Choosing an eyeliner applicator

With a wide variety of eyeliner trends and looks, the perfect match of eyeliner applicator and formula depends on the material flexibility, absorbency and tip shape.

Synthetic/pony hair brush

eyeliner beauty packaging and applicator

A fine tip synthetic or pony hair brush is perfect for creating a precise, thin flick with liquid formulas. This applicator is also a great choice for limited edition product looks such as gel, metallics and glitters.

Flocked eyeliner applicator

eyeliner beauty packaging and applicator

To apply formulas intended for a smudged make-up look, a soft flocked applicator with a pointed tip is an ideal choice. The absorbent material delivers excellent product pay-off to the eye.

Linear nylon tip

eyeliner beauty packaging and applicator

This harder, pointed tip is a strong match for creating different eyeliner looks, as the tapered and pointed tip enables versatility and ease of application.

Get starry eyed with HCP

HCP’s recent promotion of eyeliner tips paired with the VK188/FL126 stock pack, manufactured at HCP Germany, is inspired by iconic beauty looks made famous by the stars of stage and screen.