Mascara Cosmetic Packaging

Twisted-wire/fibre brushes, micro-injection plastic brushes, stock and custom packs

Mascara is a specific area of expertise for HCP, with complete beauty solutions including twisted-wire/fibre brushes, micro-injection plastic brushes, stock and custom packs as well as extensive finishing and decoration capabilities; ensuring brands have a pack that is as beautiful as it is functional.

With innovative brush styles and production facilities in Hinsdale, New Hampshire USA and Bechhofen in Germany for twisted wire brushes coupled with SIMP in Paris for plastic brushes, HCP offer global brands a full solution for the desired lash look supported by strong engineering and technical expertise.

Full pack manufacturing capabilities now exist on a worldwide scale, from China, Germany, USA and Mexico.

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Fibre mascara brush innovation

At the centre of excellence in Hinsdale, New Hampshire, USA, HCP lead the way in innovation for the R&D and manufacture of twisted-wire brushes.

This facility also houses HCP's Lash Studio - a ‘Mascara and Brow Brush Innovation and Development Centre’ where customers can work with HCP's experts to perfectly match mascara pack technologies with formulas to achieve targeted performance results.

HCP utilise a combination of high-tech twisted-wire brush and multi-contour trimming machines for efficient output and production of high-quality, innovative fibre brushes with a large number of complex surfaces, increasing the combing effect and product payoff.

Twisted-wire brush profiles can be customised to optimise application with variations such as grooves, twists and zig zag cuts; each have a different impact on the brush performance and the resulting make-up claim.

At HCP's facility in Germany, the patented Spider Technology offers a special surface treatment for fibre brushes, creating microscopic spheres at the fibre tip for enhanced volumising results.

Spider brush technology at HCP's European manufacturing facility

Micro-precision moulded plastic brushes

Acquired by HCP in 2016, SIMP’s innovative micro-precision plastic mascara brushes combine intricate construction with many customisable features such as material, colour, accessories and variations of the overall design. SIMP’s experts work closely with beauty brands to finely tune their chosen mascara brush to optimise performance and compatibility with formula. Plastic brushes can also be colour-matched to achieve any brand vision.

The combination of SIMP's expertise with HCP's full pack manufacturing and decoration capabilities in Germany, USA, Mexico and China, provides a compelling proposition for full mascara pack development, production and regional supply.

SIMP offer innovative design development and manufacturing for the production of complex micro-injected plastic brushes and rubber wipers; supporting customers globally with strong engineering, international patents and technical expertise. Providing mascara beauty solutions through the optimisation of mascara brush and wiper, SIMP technology helps to deliver excellent make-up results for lashes.

SIMP has a unique offering, enabling the customer to accessorise their chosen plastic mascara brush to create individual brush designs. Each precision moulded plastic brush architecture can be adapted to suit marketing aesthetics and deliver the specific make-up claims. Plastic brush material hardness can be varied and design can be customised with intricate features such as arches, sculpting tools or hook, petal, twisted or curved bristles.

Micro-precision plastic moulded brushes from SIMP

Mascara brush & formula pairings

HCP work closely with leading mascara fillers to expertly pair mascara pack technologies with formulas to demonstrate targeted performance results and expedite the development of new mascara launches. Creating a new mascara launch is complex for young brands looking for speed-to-market. Working with HCP’s experts in USA, Europe and Asia is invaluable for an effective development process.

Work with our experts at the HCP Lash Studio

Located in HCP’s Hinsdale facility, the newly constructed ‘Mascara and Brow Brush Innovation and Development Centre’ provides an interactive and collaborative environment for customers to achieve the perfect application.

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The centre brings together over 40 years of twisted-wire brush making knowledge and expertise, as well as state-of-the-art micro-injection moulded brush ingenuity.

Aligning HCP’s internal design resources and shared engineering brush and packaging knowledge, the centre fosters a creative process for delivering a targeted brush application, with the unified approach significantly reducing development cycle time.