CSR Policy

HCP is committed to achieving the best practice in economic, social and environmental efficiency through sound and scientific corporate governance, in an effort to realise our sustainable development objectives.

Our CSR activities are focused on following key areas:

Growing Together

Safety is and always will be our top priority. We see our employees as our most valued assets that propel our continued growth, and we encourage each and every one of them to grow with us, together with our communities, suppliers and stakeholders.

Human Rights & Employment:
We respect and protect the legal rights of our employees to ensure that they have enough time for rest and rights for work, get compensated on time and in full with “equal pay for equal work”, and enjoy freedom for speech, communities and religions. We create and encourage equal employment opportunities for women. We prohibit child labor, coercion, discrimination, harassment, abuse and any form of human trafficking and slavery.

Health & Safety:
We conform to international standards, abide by domestic laws and regulations and apply the best practice in our industry to reduce workplace risks by providing a healthy and safe workplace for our employees, and optimise staff accommodation and workshop conditions continuously.

Employee Engagement:
We provide proper jobs for our employees to grow, accomplish, and provide fair chances for them to move up the corporate ladder, accompanied by effective performance review and diversified training schemes. We set up effective communication platforms and carry out a variety of employee activities to enrich their day-to-day lives.

Supplier Engagement:
Following supplier management, labor practices supervision and environmental efficiency principles, we aim to build an accountable and sustainable supply chain to reach responsible production and resources utilisation.

Transparency & Ethics:
We establish an effective and transparent management system to prohibit all sorts of violations of business ethics, e.g. corruption, bribery, blackmail, money laundering, fraud, forgery, kickbacks, etc. By way of fair competition and lawful governance, we strive for sustainable and long-term business.

Information & Property Security:
With effective management, we protect the privacy of our employees and ensure the property security of our company, our employees as well as our clients and stakeholders. We protect our company’s intellectual property from infringement.

Environmental Friendliness

HCP is committed to environmental protection by adopting new technologies, materials and techniques to protect the ecological environment and earth.

Global Warming:
We pay close attention to climate change and encourage all our employees, via technical innovation, upgrades and technology introduction, to manage the carbon dioxide emissions, reduce carbon footprint, and design and develop low carbon products to protect our environment as best as we can.

Discharges Reduction:
We introduce new techniques, processes and materials to reduce all kinds of pollutions, e.g. waste water, gas, noise, dust, waste water, hazardous waste, general solid waste, etc. to protect our soil and surface water.

Resources Efficiency:
We strive to improve resources utilisation via technical upgrades and elimination of outdated equipment, we detect and measure resources usage via audit and management systems, and reduce and eliminate unnecessary waste to reach optimisation.

Natural Resources Protection:
We design and develop sustainable products according to their life-cycles to reduce waste. We prohibit the use of endangered species as raw materials or any form of illegal animal testing to protect animals in our supply chain. We try to preserve ecological resources by reducing and eliminating water waste.

Social Care

To practice “People First”, we provide consistent care to our society by offering help and support to the disadvantaged.

Disability Inclusion:
Through effective management, risk identification and evaluation, and KPI assessment, we are committed to creating jobs for the disabled with an aim to help more disabled people fulfil their values.

Educational Support:
Education is the pillar of our country’s centenary plan and the driving force of the harmonious development of our society. We lead and take an active part in a variety of educational and funding projects to help more people get educated.

Poverty Alleviation:
We have and will continue to lead, encourage and participate in all sorts of poverty relief activities targeted at children, women, the elderly and the disabled, with an aim to help more people out of poverty and live better lives.

Sustainable Products

Bearing consumers’ needs and market expectations in mind, we are committed in product design, development and innovation to create “HCP” branded products with less plastics and better sustainability.

We work to provide high quality green and safe products to preserve the world.

Management Commitment

We firmly follow laws and regulations, industry standards and practices while reaching and exceeding expectations of our clients and stakeholders. With original aspirations, perseverance, love and tolerance at heart, we strive to be the best practice in corporate social responsibility.