Decoration Expertise

Beautiful packaging & decoration solutions

HCP recognise that for some projects, full custom design and manufacture is not an option. For this reason, HCP are able to transform ranges with the latest specialist finishing techniques that are second-to-none in the industry. On-trend and eye-catching decoration is essential to create a point of  difference  and align packaging with each brand aesthetic.

Vacuum metallising

HCP’s knowledge and experience of vacuum metallising is extensive, offering the capability to dramatically enhance and customise either custom or stock packs.  When used in conjunction with spray lacquering, an almost endless range of colours, aspects and appearances can be achieved. HCP’s cutting-edge metallising technique ensures customers receive optimum product quality, performance and competitive economics. The production workshop is air controlled to ensure that product performance is consistently high.

The plastic part is first sprayed with a base coat, so that the following metal layer will be smooth and uniform. Next a metal (typically aluminium) is evaporated in a vacuum chamber. The vapour condenses onto the surface of the substrate, leaving a thin layer of metal coating to provide increased gloss and reflectivity.

The entire process takes place within a vacuum chamber to prevent oxidation. Finally, a top spray coat is applied for protection, abrasion resistance and to achieve the desired colour and texture.

Spray finishes

HCP’s UV spray lacquering facilities are world class, allowing customers to customise, enhance and surface protect custom or stock ranges.  Spray finishes can be used to enhance the overall aesthetic, create a sensorial experience, or to increase the surface protection of a component. 

Highly popular surface textures that can be achieved through this innovative process include gloss, matt, pearl and velvety smooth soft touch.  An endless range of colours and aesthetics can be realised, including opaque and translucent colours, metallics, pearl, opalescent and iridescent effects.

When used in conjunction with metallising, UV spray lacquering can provide a unique variety of coloured and metallic appearances, including standards such as gold, silver, copper, bronze and gun metal, or special colours matched to the brand’s signature hues.

Special finishes

A prolific trend that shows no signs of slowing down is glitter! HCP can achieve this in many ways; including textiles, foils, sprays and gel. Packaging that offers the ‘big reveal’ such as holographic and colour-shift finishes with a mesmerising effect are ideal for video marketing.

Interactive packaging is valuable for brands relying on influencer marketing as it adds a ‘wow factor’. Examples include fun lenticular top-plates that flip between multiple designs, or HCP’s patented ‘Glitter Storm’ decoration with a stunning suspension of sequins and glitter.

HCP are also investing in digital printing – a great way to achieve full colour, detailed artwork and a cost-effective alternative to heat transfer labels. This is an ideal option for Indie brands with lower MOQs and looking for speed-to-market solutions.

Decorative top-plates

Many of HCP’s stock ranges, such as the Fusion Round Deco and Radii Square, feature a cover recess to fit a variety of decorative top-plates including flat plastic, dome, gel, textile, aluminium and paper. These items provide a versatile canvas for a brand to create beautiful packaging inline with their identity. Available across eyeshadow, blusher, pressed powder and grande sizes, HCP’s compacts can also be adapted to create a unique design. Divine and Radii Round ranges can also showcase this decorative top-plate feature.

HCP’s  patented ‘Glitter Storm’ top-plate decoration is  true innovation, featuring a mesmerising suspension of glitter and sequins in liquid.  A wide selection of metallic, iridescent and holographic glitters and sequins can be selected to float and swirl within the cover; an ideal choice for limited edition and gifting ranges for enchanting and luxurious packaging.

Textiles can be customised with logos or artwork via hotfoil, screen printing, laser-cutting or digital printing. Glitter finishes remain a strong trend while mirror-shine, sequins or metallic PU and candy-colour opalescent finishing techniques are incredibly effective. Stunning metal top-plates can be created with techniques such as embossing, filigree and engraving for added depth of decoration.