Fusion Rectangular Matrix Quad and Single Kits

HCP's Fusion Rectangular Kit range has been extended with the introduction of two new, innovative, refillable compacts. The Fusion Rectangular Matrix Quad and Single Eyeshadow Kits, which follow the slim, minimal aesthetics of the existing Fusion range, feature a unique system for refilling, replacing or 'mixing and matching' eyeshadows.

Each eyeshadow cake is pressed and filled into an individual 25mm diameter plastic housing. The 'parent' compacts (single or quad format) are designed with recesses to retain the individual eyeshadow housings. A double-ended applicator incorporating a sponge/brush tip and special spatula (to remove the housings from the compact), is available from HCP as a stock component.

This system provides our customers with extensive opportunities for developing a refillable, replaceable or 'mix and match' marketing strategy. The 'parent' single and quad compacts are consistent with the existing Fusion Square Compact range for materials, construction and secondary decorating potential.

Decoration Options

Hot stamping
Screen printing
UV spraying
Vacuum metallising


Matrix Quad - HCP Ref: 23Y 

Overall Dimensions: 122.6mm x 52.6mm x 12.2mm

Matrix Single - HCP Ref: 23Z 

Overall Dimensions: 40.8mm x 40.8mm x 12.2mm

Matrix Refill - HCP Ref: TBC 

Pan Dimensions: 25mm x 4.5mm deep