Bi-Injection or Multi-Component Moulding

HCP are capable of offering Bi-injection - a multi-step moulding process that produces an assembly comprised of two integrated components.

The Bi-injection moulding machine has two material injection units in combination with a rotary mould that is used to move the newly moulded components from the first material injection unit to the second material injection unit .

The first material injection unit fills the first set of cavities and the second fills the remaining space between the second set of cavities and the newly transferred moulded component. The materials can be identical with different colours or the materials can be different.

If the materials are the same then the bond between the two moulded components will be excellent. If the materials are different then a mechanical locking feature must be incorporated into the profile of the components to hold them together.

HCP Packaging has successfully utilised this process to supply the L’Oréal Lancôme Colour Design Lipstick.