Slingback 5 Well Compact

The Slingback 5 Well Compact is a unique and innovative compact that was developed in collaboration with the Australian design team Brenan Liston, Jonnie Vigar and Mark Evans of Container, Sydney.

The compact has a very modern styling and a clever opening mechanism that provides the consumer with access to the internal mirror, even when the compact is closed.

Designed for moulding in opaque PS materials this compact is particularly well suited for finishing with HCP’s extensive UV spraying and vacuum metallising techniques.

The compact is supplied with a mirror in the lid.

The base configuration for the Slingback 5 Well Compact has five identical rectangular pan recesses and a rectangular recess for an applicator or brush.

Decoration Options

Hot stamping
Screen printing
UV spraying
Vacuum metallising


Overall Dimensions: 140 x 40mm
Overall Height: 13mm
Pan Dimensions: 20.9 x 17 x 4.5mm deep
Applicator/Brush Recess Dimensions: 90 x 6 x 4mm deep


HCP can supply applicators and metal pans for this compact.

HCP Ref: 10H