The ‘Radical’ range, designed within HCP’s internal design department, offers endless possibilities for brand personalisation through colouration and decoration.

The compacts have a square cross section, soft rounded corners and a thick walled base and cover specifically designed to be moulded in transparent resins.

There are no metal components which increase the consumer’s ability to recycle the pack after use. The bases can be ‘direct filled’ or fitted with metal pressed pans, making the compact ideal for a wide range of cosmetic products.

The base insert can be moulded in a contrast colour resin and decorated, to provide a unique and innovative aesthetic appearance overall. The base of the pan insert can be silk screen printed or a label could be applied.

The round profile full size lipstick features HCP’s proven ‘super smooth’ mechanism, with a metal 'A' Shell and can be moulded with clear or opaque cover options. The lipstick base is fitted with a base button that can be moulded in either transparent or opaque resins. For shade awareness transparent buttons can be supplied that can be filled with the customers own lipstick bulk or the base buttons can be colour matched to the product shade.