13mm Radical Ultra (2 piece cap)


A contemporary soft square pack with a thick-walled PETG bottle and base button. Great for formula compatibility with transparent/opaque sections for complete or partial colour ID and multi-functional applicators with a clear PCTA rod. This pack is available with a one or two-piece cap that can accommodate a diamond, gel or printed design. Read More

This pack can be paired with the following applicators: Geo-Taper, Mini Bowl, Dome, Lip Glaze, Small Feather, Ballet, Honey Dipper, Doesfoot, Mini Doesfoot, Leaf, Brow Groomer, Mini Spatula, Heart assembled with pilot tool NBR wiper.

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Product Code

67L *pilot tool

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  • Soft Square


  • Height: 80mm
  • Diameter: 20 x 20mm
  • Neck Size: 13mm


  • 10.1ml


  • Wiper: LDPE, NBR
  • Rod: PCTA
  • Cap: ABS+SAN
  • Bottle: PETG

Applicator Options

  • Moulded & Unflocked
  • Moulded & Flocked

Special Features

  • Thick-walled Bottle

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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