Boots No7 – Menopause Skincare Nourishing Overnight Cream 50ml

HCP are excited to supply Boots No7 with a custom cap for their Nourishing Overnight cream; empowering women through menopause...

A fully custom PCR cap, effective with the glass jar...

A pillar of the beauty and skincare industry, as well as a long-standing client of HCP, Boots No7, have recently launched a range of skincare to support and empower women during the perimenopause and menopause.

Their research shows that many women do not understand how the skin changes at this time and there is a need for more education and information about the ingredients and products that can help visibly improve the skin during this life-stage.

Co-created with over 7,000 menopausal women and dermatologist-approved for menopausal skin, this skincare collection is expertly designed to target visual signs of reduced oestrogen and collagen.

HCP are proud to supply Boots No7 with the cap for the ‘Menopause Skincare Nourishing Overnight Cream’, originating a fully custom design that is effective with the glass jar.


No7 have opted to manufacture the custom cap in 30% R-PP for a reduction in virgin resin; expertly engineered to function with a glass jar with a screw-thread.

The custom 2-piece design is matt-effect from the mould and is utilised for multiple product variants by switching up the colour-band of the inner cap for each product line. The debossed logo on the top surface adds subtle and classic branding.

To support with multi-platform manufacture of the Boots No7 custom cap in both China and Europe, HCP have made significant investment in injection moulding, auto-assembly and automatic packing capabilities in HCP Germany.


Suitable for sensitive skin, the ‘Nourishing Overnight Cream’ helps menopausal women
wake up to skin that looks refreshed, less tired, and feels deeply nourished in 1 week.

✓ Supports skin during its natural overnight repair process, so it feels deeply hydrated.
✓ Overnight hydration for dry and sensitive menopausal skin.
✓ Skin feels soothed and more comfortable.
✓ Skin feels deeply nourished and looks refreshed.