Bottega Verde – Amore di Rossetto

Fall in love with impeccable colour & voluminous lips with 'Amore di Rossetto' in stock liquid lipstick packaging from HCP

For practically perfect lips...

Italian brand Bottega Verde are passionate about offering a wide range of cosmetics that enable their customers to invent endless new looks every day, to express their personalities and enjoy a playful approach to style.

With the knowledge that colour affects both mood and confidence, their line up for lips includes sensual reds, elegant nudes and sophisticated tones of Bordeaux.

The ‘Amore di Rossetto’ collection comprises 10 wearable hues, including natural-looking nudes, romantic reds and passionate pinks, packaged by HCP.

Easy and precise to apply with HCP’s stock ‘Lip Flame’ flocked applicator, only a light touch is needed and lasts for hours without drying the lips.


Velvety & voluminous...

Full and voluminous lips, impeccable colour and creamy comfort: these are the ingredients that make sure anyone will fall in love with Bottega Verde’s ‘Amore di Rossetto’ collection of lip lacquers with a velvety matt finish.

Scented with vanilla fragrance and containing pomegranate extract, the formula is rich in natural emollients that give softness and volume to the lips.

BottegaVerda Liquid lipstick by HCP
BottegaVerda Liquid lipstick by HCP

The packaging...

Presented in the HCP stock ’13mm Fusion Sleek Full Size Lip Gloss’, the thick-walled PETG bottle construction (OFC: 5.4ml) offers crystal clear packaging appeal. The cap is satin metallised in glamorous champagne gold, coordinating beautifully with the elegant typographic logo.

The ‘Lip Flame’ flocked applicator has been selected due to its beneficial large surface area, tapered tip and curved profile. This combination of features ensures even and generous coverage, whilst accurately hugging the lips contours.

BottegaVerda Liquid lipstick by HCP
BottegaVerda Liquid lipstick by HCP