Brush on Block – Protective Lip Oil SPF 32

Replenish & soothe the lips...

Winner of the 2019 Indie Beauty Innovator (IBI) Award for skincare, Brush On Block’s ‘Protective Lip Oil SPF 32’ is loaded with rich emollients to replenish and soothe the lips, while creating a barrier to keep moisture in. Antioxidants protect the delicate skin from the environment.

HCP’s stock 14mm Fusion Glass Ultra (63R) is an ideal choice for this product due to the excellent formula compatibility and multiple options for shade ID. Brush On Block have selected their on-brand dark blue for the bottle and cap, finished with matt spray.

Their sunray logo has been screen printed in white and yellow on the thick-walled PETG bottle (OFC: 10.4ml) while the clear base button reveals the formula hue within. The flocked doesfoot ‘Lip Glaze’ applicator is a versatile tip for shaping and defining the lips.

The Fusion Glass Ultra is available with two cap options: one-piece (shown here), or two-piece, with the addition of a flat top-plate, ‘diamond’ or decorative materials such as gel.