EcoWood Mascara Brushes

Sustainable material innovation for high-performance mascara application

For an eco-friendly beauty solution that is kind to lashes and the planet, HCP introduces an exclusive and innovative new material suitable for moulded mascara brushes: EcoWood.

Totally sustainable and sensitive to the environment, EcoWood is a fully certified, plastic and toxic-free, bio-based alternative to traditional materials. With more than 15 years of research and 2 years of factory testing, EcoWood is fully industrialised and ready to change the face of beauty.

HCP offer ‘EcoWood Hard’ – best suited to comb-style moulded mascara brushes. Further development has resulted in a more elastomeric grade of ‘Eco-Flexi’, with improved memory and flexibility for all styles of moulded mascara applicator.

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