Green Initiative

Establishing a sustainable and eco-friendly program is a challenge for any consumer goods manufacturer and investment to implement the most effective processes and materials from the ground up is key.

HCP’s Green Initiative is continuing to evolve; utilising expertise in factory set-up, product design and engineering, as well as post-consumer recycled materials to ensure all aspects are evaluated. Read on for some insight into HCP’s Green Initiative.

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A global blueprint for responsible manufacturing

HCP delivers quality, agile service and operational excellence; this includes a responsible approach to manufacturing with a pro-active approach to sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

HCP encourage a company-wide ethos of the ‘6R Principles’:


Replace equipment to reduce energy and water consumption.


Reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants.


Conduct sustainable procurement and build a green supply chain.


Utilise product life cycle management.


Classify waste; recycle and reduce.


Guide employees to engage in and respect sustainable initiative.

Carbon Disclosure Project

HCP participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) which drives corporate transparency and the measurement of environmental action. HCP had an outstanding score of level B for 2018, which is two levels above the general average and Asia regional average of score level D.

In 2018, 7,000 companies disclosed via CDP. HCP Packaging are proud to be awarded in March 18 an Honors Certificate as a ‘2017 Leading Supplier’ for corporate action on climate change in China.

Ecovadis CSR Rating 2018

For 2018, HCP were awarded the Silver CSR rating by Ecovadis, a trusted partner for procurement teams whose mission is to provide the world’s most-trusted sustainability ratings, enabling all businesses to reduce risk, drive performance, and improve environmental and social outcomes. A silver recognition level is awarded to companies ranking in the top 30% of those entered in the program.