Florasis – Huaxizi – Haute Couture 2019 Collection

Natural cosmetics inspired by flowers and nature

Florasis is a domestic Chinese brand from the Huaxizi group, with a philosophy of making natural cosmetics inspired by flowers and nature.

The ‘Hundred Birds Chaofeng Embossed Eyeshadow Palette’ is satin metallised in a feminine rose gold, the ever-versatile HCP stock Radii Rectangular Domed Palette (95G) houses a stunning range of shimmering eyeshadows – a real treasure to experience.

The clear domed top-plate features an exquisitely detailed feather design, achieving soft colour blends of teal and aquatic blue with digital printing. Reflective highlights have been added with holographic silver foil, while pink-to-blue fliptone spray brings a mesmerising iridescent effect. The brand logo is subtly foiled on top of the dome in rose gold for a layered appearance.

The unusual custom insert showcases 9 intricately detailed, ornate eyeshadows, inspired by traditional Chinese carvings of birds and nature. A decorative border design has been foiled along the edges of the insert.

The ‘Blue Lotus Nourishing Foundation Cream’ is presented in HCP’s stock Fusion Round Air Cushion Compact (92O), the innovative airtight compact is designed to accommodate a liquid foundation formula on a sponge cushion.

The cream texture formula creates a natural, fresh and dewy glow with buildable coverage, controlling oil and disguising visible pores. The product is available in three shades: ‘Pearl Jade Lotus’ (semi-matte and bright) ‘Water Margin Wind Lotus’ (semi-matte and soft) ‘Water Hibiscus’ (semi-matte and natural).

The cover and base are satin metallised in luxurious rose gold, while a captivating optical effect has been realised with a deep teal special foil for depth and layering, completed with a gold foil logo.