Forbidden City Taobao – Time Series Collection

Inspired by the beauty & symbolism of the solar system

This breathtaking collection from Chinese brand Taobao is inspired by the beauty and symbolism of the solar system, luna phases and astronomy. The dazzling decoration evokes a bewitching effect that is further embodied by the shimmering and glittery formulas used within the range.

The real show-piece of the collection is the ’12 Color Starry Eyeshadow Palette’ a large custom palette that displays 12 beautiful pearlescent and glittering eyeshadows, placed in a radial formation. This eyeshadow palette concept is inspired by ancient use of the sun, moon and stars to measure time.

The two-piece round cover has been metallised in the collection’s signature shiny gold whilst the clear top-plate creates a mesmerising window; revealing both the product within and a scattering of holographic stars across the insert. The cover is completed with a detailed graphic depicting the signs of the Zodiac, perfectly aligned with each eyeshadow; an excellent showcase of HCP’s capabilities to foil highly ornate and precise designs.

The ‘Time Series Lipstick’ is a luxurious custom lipstick that is weighted for a premium feel. The design combines an intensely sparkly deep blue glitter decoration, applied as a gradient, with an anodised gold A-shell and ring to provide a stunning contrast.

Intricate artwork of stars and constellations in gold and silver holographic foils are applied to the cap. This desirable packaging design is finished with a stunning highly detailed Zamac and enamel clock motif.

The HCP stock Radii Round Blusher (23L) and Pressed Powder (23J) compacts have been given a mystical make-over that is out of this world in the StarrySky Highlighter & Star Blush Compacts.

The clear faceted ‘diamond’ top-plate displays elaborate astronomy-themed graphics in shiny gold foil, lifted to a new level of reflectivity with the addition of silver holographic stars. The design is finessed with a deep blue holographic glitter spray to beautifully contrast with the gold metallised cover, base and insert.