Glitter Storm

Several of HCP’s stock compacts have been transformed with a ‘Glitter Storm’ top-plate, featuring a suspension of glitter and sequins. Many colour and style variations are available, along with the option to add branding via screen print or hot foil onto the top-plate – ideal for limited edition launches where more is definitely more!

The back of the top-plate can also have a full colour design applied via heat transfer label or digital printing. Digital printing has generated a lot of buzz in the packaging industry of late due to the speed and flexibility of this decoration technique. Digital printing is a cost effective option for detailed, full colour designs.

Glitter Storm ‘reveal’ designs can be created, combining printed graphics with a glitter mix that flows through the artwork.

Glitter Storm is available with the following items: Radii Round Pressed Powder Compact, Radii Square Pressed Powder/Quad/9 well Compact, Radii Square Grande Compact and Radii Rectangular Midi Palette.