Hanamino – Gentle Kiss Watery Lip Gloss

“For extraordinary beauty only.” - Hanamino

Chinese cosmetics brand Hanamino takes inspiration from the beauty of life, especially of flowers and the radiance of a bride in her special moment. The high-end and high-quality cosmetics have a cult celebrity following in the domestic Chinese market, with every new product release creating a ripple of excitement with extravagant launch events.

The ‘Gentle Kiss Watery Lipgloss’ has been developed with the concept of a ‘magical thermometer’; moulded in red and housed within the rounded, pink tinted cap.

This unusual custom pack, supplied by HCP, features a soft pyramid-shaped profile with a luxurious rose gold metallised collar displaying an embossed flower logo.

The transparent bottle allows for shade ID, with a beautiful champagne gold pearl gradient spray from the neck and a minimalist screen printed design.