100% Green. 100% Gorgeous.

An innovative program of initiatives to provide sustainable primary packaging solutions for the beauty industry...

HCP support the circular economy for plastic, with fast-to-market solutions for mascara in post-consumer recycled resins from reputable sources.

Caps and bottles are available in up to 100% PCR materials for a significant reduction in the amount of virgin plastic used; lessening the impact on the environment.

Keep Lashes Long & Eco-Credentials High

Take a mascara’s green-credentials a step further and collaborate with HCP’s mascara experts to achieve captivating lash results with customisable bio-based fibre or EcoWood moulded brushes.

HCP can supply sustainable fibre mascara brushes made from Castor Oil (100% bio-based) or PLA, with performance results proving comparable to typical nylon fibres.

Choose from a wide selection of fibre brush profiles that cater for all lash looks.

The innovative Feather Comb applicator shown here delivers excellent separation and lengthening results. Precision moulded in black EcoWood, the raw bio-based material is completely plastic-free, carbon neutral and exclusive to HCP.